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We have been offering Mechanical Seals for over 20 years emphasizing strict quality control, product reliability and product diversity. With the leading design and development capabilities, now KYLIN Mechanical Seals company widely cooperated with global customers and established close connection with many enterprises in OEM market.

KYLIN Ceramic Products are used in different industrial fields' standard & special components, like friction pairs of mechanical seals, ceramic armour etc. Ceramic products from KYLIN intended for use in abrasive and corrosive environments, due to excellent tribological performance of the material due to its high hardness, high elastic modulus, thermal conductivity. and corrosion resistance.

Download the 2015 Mechanical Seals Catalogue, Seal Faces & Shaft Bushings Catalogue, and Armor Ceramic Tiles Catalogue.

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  • Mechanical seals:
    • Elastomer Bellow Shaft Seals
    • O Ring Mechanical Seals
    • PTFE Wedge Mechanical Seals
    • Double Mechanical Seals
    • Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals
    • Welded Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals
    • Automotive Pump Seals
    • Cartridge Mechanical Seals
    • Mechanical Seals Catalogue

  • Seal faces:
    • Silicon Carbide Seal Faces (Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide, Sintered Silicon Carbide, Sintered Silicon Carbide with Graphite, Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide with Graphite, and Sintered Silicon Carbide with Pore)
    • Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces (6% Ni Tungsten Carbide, 8% Ni Tungsten Carbide, 6% Co Tungsten Carbide, 8% Co Tungsten Carbide, and Light Tungsten Carbide)
    • Alumina Seal Faces (99% Alumina and 99.5% Alumina)
    • Carbon Seal Faces (Hot molded Carbon, Resin Carbon, Antimony Carbon, and Sintered Carbon)
    • Seal Faces & Shaft Bushings Catalogue

  • Ceramic Armor:

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If your are interested in any of our products, please feel free contact us. We will provide you high quality goods and competitive price. Hoping to establish business relations with your company in the near future.